Her hair was red like corn on the cob. Blue around the eyes

It is not surprising that ethnic Burmese actors performed on the Burmese stage. However, a true white-faced foreigner of Burmese descent, along with Burmese actors, rose to prominence on the Burmese stage during the colonial period. The prince’s name was England Diamond.

His grandparents were genuine Australians. His father (Alfred) came to Burma in 1905 to earn a living as a horse racing jolly, and his six-month-old son, Arthur, came to Burma with his parents.

As a child, his parents used to go to dinner and party almost every day. He often went to parties and had fun, leaving Arthur with a babysitter. Nani Gyi is a Mon mother who is full of motherhood. I also love puppets. Rural short songs are also popular. As a result, the white-faced child listened to Burmese country music and the white-faced child as he sang along to his baby-sized child, Arthur, in the cradle.

Her hair was red like corn on the cob. Blue around the eyes. The skin is milky white. A story about a two-year-old boy holding a cute baby boy in his arms. Puppets His wife, Nani, used to go to every nunnery. At that time, Nani ate a lot of bread. Fried bread He also puts straw and tea / chin salad in the mouth of his beloved child while watching the game.

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